Saturday, July 5, 2014

Little towhead

Here's something I had sketched in an old journal. It had some meaning then, a memory of going out to the diner on a sunny Sunday afternoon perhaps? So now, I have re-sketched it in my new journal. The boy was loosely based on my brother, Brian. And though that's not my mom, she did have a dress like that once.
I had forgotten what "towhead" even meant

Tiny sketches from days of yore


Anonymous said...

This is precious - to see your progress, and how the final image did not spring, fully formed from your golden brow, as I had always assumed it did.
Phew. You ARE human after all.

Stephanie K. Birdsong said...

Quite so, Denise! I've learned at last to enjoy the messy, haphazard process.

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